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LS- HS01
LS- HS01

LS- HS01

This product is divided into three parts and is die-casted. The power cover is spring-loaded for quick disassembly. The internal lens is modular and easy to replace. The material makes the Japanese Teijin PC material, a variety of lens angles can be used for light distribution, and the light extraction efficiency is high. It can be used as road lighting, parking lot lighting, etc. The bracket angle is 0°-15°. Tune, a wide range of uses.

LS- HS01

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● The ADC12 aluminum ingot is integrally molded by die casting to meet the heat dissipation requirements.

● Spray outdoor pink optional, quality assurance, over 100 tests, salt spray test for 1000 hours.

● Adopting optional brand light sources such as SAMSUNG and LUMILEDS, the color rendering index Ra> 80;

   Through the internationally recognized LM80 standard, the light fade is small, the stability is the best, and the life is longer.

● HBG series Mingwei 5-year warranty drive power supply.

● Optional controller for intelligent lighting.

● The aluminum substrate adopts AL6061 and has a thickness of 1.5mm. The light source is more uniform and faster.

● The internal use of PC lens light distribution, the material is made of Japanese Teijin PC material, the light transmittance is up to 92%, and the light effect is higher.

   The exterior is protected by high-transparent quartz tempered glass, which has a light transmission of up to 92% and a higher luminous efficiency.

● Working environment temperature: -30 ° C ~ + 55 ° C

● IP65 protection level.


LS- HS01

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LS- HS01

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LS- HS01LS- HS01

LS- HS01

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