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Application of solar street lamp in street lamp reconstruction of small towns


The overall scheme of the solar street lamp system requires the combination of intelligent time controller and intelligent light controller in the controller when controlling the solar street lamp. The intelligent light controller can greatly improve the shortcomings of the light control mode. Combined with the intelligent time controller, the light off time of the street lights is set in advance, and the lights are turned off at night when there are few pedestrians. In the circuit design, solar cells are used to generate electricity, and then the electricity is stored through the battery. When the load needs power supply, it uses the electricity stored by the battery to supply power, which greatly extends the service life of the battery. See the schematic diagram of the structure and wiring of the actual solar street lamp: in terms of cells: high-quality imported monocrystalline silicon cells are used, and the energy conversion rate can reach more than 16%. In terms of battery panels: use high light transmittance and low iron tempered glass. In this system, solar modules are divided into three groups, each of which is rated at 150W, and the service life can be as long as 25 years. Using the solar intelligent controller can not only complete the function of efficient charging, but also carry out the self-protection of the system, increase the stepless dimming function, and make better use of the power in the battery. For lighting control: solar energy is used for power supply, and LED lamps are used for lighting fixtures, which is more convenient for dimming and can be adjusted directly. In terms of operating costs: according to the actual statistical analysis, the cost invested in the maintenance of solar street lamps is less than 30% of the original ordinary street lamps.